Keith Hollien Signature Series

Let me start out with some history of the Keith Hollien Signature Series. The concept for my boards is not new. The cut-away shape that they are based upon has been around for a long time, as we all know, but my signature series shapes for 2004 are the result of what began over 25 years ago... I started skateboarding in 1964, started slaloming in 1976 and I began riding a cutaway shape in 1978 (Thanks to an article by Henry Hester). In 1979, I met Mark McCree of Radikal Trucks and he had a cutaway board that was the starting point for my models. Over the next 8 years we worked on the shape until we were satisfied with everything. In 1988 Mark made my first Signature Model under the Static Racing Systems name. The board was wood, flat and very stiff. It measured 24" x 8".
In the 80's I had been working on a couple of different models, but nothing was produced before I retired in 1993. When I came back to racing last year ('03) I found my old model to be too short and I had to come up with something to race with. This is where Gareth Roe came in and agreed to do my series for 2003. In 2004 after many disagreements with Roe, I stopped riding for them and they stopped making my signature series. In the mean time I needed race boards. Barret "Chicken" Deck of Pocket Pistols Skateboards stepped in and made a batch of race boards. In 2005 I started riding for Pocket Pistols Skateboards and Chicken is making my signature series. PPS is making the Keith Hollien Signature Series in wood(Hardcore Series) and foamcore(Superlight Series). All of my boards will be concave.

My models are intended for SURF STANCE. The major benefit of my shape is the amount of leverage that the large platform area provides for your feet. The extra leverage positively effects your ability to apply pressure directly to the trucks. The main advantage of my version of the cutaway shape is that it gives the rider increased area for the placement of their front foot in the curve of the cutaway (behind the front truck). This helps to initiate turns quicker. The placement of the back foot on the back wing (in front of the rear truck) helps to give the rear truck better traction. I ride a Radikal Titanium II "Dragon's Tail" truck in the rear and a Radikal "Dragon's Claw in the front, and, with this combination, traction in general is not a problem. But, this will definitely help to address the traction issues of conventional trucks. I like my boards very stiff. In slalom, flex can help you, but, it can also hinder you. I believe that your own energy is what makes you go fast and a small amount of flex and camber can give you some energy when turning, but after a certain point, flex can rob your energy. I'm 6' tall and weigh about 165 lbs., but my boards are riden by people of all ages, weights and sizes. They are very stiff and concave and have almost no flex or camber.
They are suitable for a wide range of riders and styles.

Thank you,

The TS is designed for 5'-8' cone distances (Tight Slalom)
The HS is designed for 6'-20' cone distances (Tight-Hybrid-Giant Slalom)
The GS is designed for 8'-40' cone distances (Hybrid, Giant Slalom & Super Giant Slalom)
The SS is designed for 10'-60' cone distances (Giant & Super Giant Slalom)

Remember if you have any questions about the boards feel free to contact me. That also goes for questions on the Radikal II Ti. trucks.

Some specifications for the Hollien Signature Series:

TS (Tight Slalom) 25" x 8.25" and tapers down to 7.75".
This board comes drilled 18.75" hole to hole.
(wheelbase will vary with trucks used).

HS (Hybrid Slalom) 27" x 8.5" and tapers down to 8" .
This board comes drilled 19.75" hole to hole.
Board can be drilled for a 19.50" thru 20.75" hole to hole pattern.
(wheelbase will vary with trucks used)

GS (Giant Slalom) 29" x 8.75" and tapers down to 8.25".
This board comes drilled 21.25" hole to hole.
Board can be drilled for a 20.50" thru 22.75" hole to hole pattern.
(wheelbase will vary with trucks used)

SS (Surf Slalom) 31" x 9" and tapers down to 8.5".
This board comes drilled with three mounting hole patterns, front and rear.
Board can be drilled for a 22.50" thru 24.50" hole to hole pattern.
(wheelbase will vary with trucks used)

- There is also a Mini-TS for kids that is 24" x 8" and tapers .5 inches.

- I ride my boards very stiff and they will come that way unless you specify otherwise.